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Monday, February 05, 2007

Well I survived.

Certainly the preparation for that colonoscopy exam is muck worse than the actual exam. Last night was miserable. Trying to choke down all that Phospho-Soda was really very miserable. Ugh!

But I'm better now and the Doc found only 1 little area that he took a sample from for research pathology. Hopefully I won't be going back for a return visit for the next several years.

I've had a nap and then, because the sun is shining like spring today, I moved a bunch of snow off the camper and spread it out in the drive for the sun to melt away. I've also been out in the shop practicing my guitar lessons.

Today's weather really is a big difference from last week's. Its nearly 50 degrees outside and it feels like spring. No doubt more storms will come before spring really arrives but right now it feels like mid-March. This year's winter and snowfalls have really been disappointing and our reservoirs will not be filling up this year as they did last year, so the news guys will have plenty to comment upon this coming summer.

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